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Our wide network offers you the advantage of a variety of Money Market products at competitive prices. You will benefit from the combined experience of our team and commitment to deliver the best value on your investments.
  • Accepted Bills-i (AB-i)
  • Negotiable Instrument Of Deposit
  • Investment Account-i (IA-i)
  • Investment Products
Accepted Bills-i (AB-i)
Accepted Bills-i (AB-i) is a bill of exchange, drawn on and accepted by finance institutions on behalf of their clients for trade financing. The tenure of financing ranges from 21 to 200 days.

Accepted Bills-i (AB-i) is a discounting instrument and profit is paid up front by deducting from the principal amount.

Negotiable Islamic Debt Certificate (NIDC)
NIDC is a financial instrument issued by banks for the deposit of a specific sum of money for a fixed period of time at a prefixed profit rate. An NIDC can be bought or sold before the date of maturity. Our financial strength and standing assures your investment and returns.

Investment Account-i (IA-i)
An IA-i bears profits at an indicative profit rate based on a specific maturity date. The tenure may vary from 1 to 60 months. The minimum placement is RM5,000 for 1 to 2 months and RM1,000 for 3 months or longer. An IA-i deposit earns higher profit than a savings account.

Investment Products
Our strong presence in the market enables us to offer investors investment products on outright sale basis, such as Private Debt Securities (PDS), Malaysia Government Securities (MGS), Cagamas, Treasury and Bank Negara Bills.
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